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About Child Support
Child Support: Child support is one of the more contentious issues in Family Law. Although parents want what is best for their children, there never seems to be enough money to go around between two parents. Sometimes parents can come to an agreement about child support without intervention from the Court, but other times it may become necessary to go to Court to have the Court determine child support. 

Child support is largely controlled by statutes and programs such as DissoMaster. The determination of the amount of child support is controlled by such things as each parent’s income, the amount of time each parent has visitation with the children, the amount of health insurance that a parent pays, and so forth.

Nakos and Nakos are proficient in accurately determining a parent’s income and analyzing the other factors that go into state mandated child support calculations. Ms. Nakos has her degree in finance from the University of Southern California and Mr. Nakos has a PhD in business organization and worked at the University of Southern California for over 20 years in the area of corporate accounting and cost studies which required a large amount of forensic accounting.  

Nakos and Nakos will navigate the circumstances surrounding your child support challenge and will work to settle the matter with the other parent (or his or her attorney), yet are fully prepared to fight for you in Court, presenting the facts of your case accurately and aggressively.